Sunday Worship: 10:30AM  Children's Ministry (Age 2 - Grade 6): 10:30AM  Regular Office Hours: 9:00-5:00 (Monday to Friday) 

Small Groups

At Trinity, we believe we are meant to live our Christian lives within community. We have four different types of small groups at Trinity, and each type has a different emphasis. Read about each type of group below and click on its title to see the current groups offered within it. If you want to inquire about joining a small group, contact us.

Interest Groups

Interest groups are an easy first step into community here. Typically, a group will form around a common interest and anyone who shares that interest is welcome to come.  These groups have very flexible commitment.

Service Groups

Service groups are focused upon some form of serving either within the church, or outside it. As we all know from experience, when you serve alongside of other people, good friendships often result! The commitment level might vary from group to group, but generally these groups have a moderate level of commitment.

Community Groups

This is the bread ‘n butter of our small group ministry. Some of them meet at the church, others meet in homes, but they share a common desire to connect people at a deeper level, engage in conversation about the intersection of Bible and real life, and pray and care for one another. People in these groups should make a solid commitment to each other in these groups.

Discipleship Groups

These groups are small and focused upon deep issues of discipleship. There is a high level of commitment (and accountability!) in these groups.

To get connected to one of the small groups, please email