Sunday Worship: 10:30AM  Children's Ministry (Age 2 - Grade 6): 10:30AM  Regular Office Hours: 9:00-5:00 (Monday to Friday) 

What We Are All About

We believe that God is calling us

at Trinity

to provide a ministry that focuses on these FOUR things….


1)  Firm Friends

We want to give you a friend zone… no not that kind of friend zone… There’s no pressure here to be popular, to look a certain way, or to fit a mould. We want you to come and live life with us. It’s easier to plow through life’s difficulties with a band of brothers and sisters standing at your side.


2)  Growing Good

Everyone has huge potential to be the people God made them to be. We want to help grow the goodness God has placed in you so you can shed things like anxiety, depression, and feelings of worthlessness, in order to stand tall knowing you are a unique child of God. Then, we can use this place as a testing ground to see how God has uniquely shaped you for life and ministry.


3)  Viral Gospel

If you found a show you love on Netflix wouldn’t you tell your friends? We believe that the news of Jesus’ love for humankind is better than binge watching Fresh Prince. We not only want you to belong here, but to bring what you’ve found to your friends, and invite your friends here to see it for themselves. With this in mind, we can impact the world for the better and make a difference in God’s Kingdom.


4)  Encounter God

We worship the living God. He isn’t someone you only learn about. He’s someone you get to know. We want to create spaces for you to actually meet God, either through Bible study, conversations, or worship, and we believe that if we intentionally seek him, we’ll find him.




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