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In San Diego

We’re in San Diego! We left this morning at 5:30ish and got to the border at 10:00. Border crossing took 1.5 hours which is considered to be pretty good. We found the hotel, dropped off our stuff and spent the afternoon exploring downtown San Diego. Seafood seems to be on everyone’s mind for dinner tonight! Nice long, hot showers are in order before bed and then we’ll hit the sack for another early morning – our flight leaves at 7:00 a.m.

We’ll be home in less than 24 hours! :o)


Winding down

Well, we’ve had a full week of work, worship, relationships, fun, ‘roughing-it’, prayer and living in community – now we’re winding down. We worked this morning, and this afternoon we played. After lunch, we went to the market to make our last minute purchases from the locals who have a market every Friday afternoon (I’m pretty sure we all have our share of friendship bracelets from the local children who are very persistent and so hard to resist!) Then we went to the beach, and had fun riding the waves on boogie boards and just hanging out. Tonight we will go out for dinner as a team and with the people we have invited from the orphanage that we have especially connected with this week. Should be a fun evening.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving at 5:00 a.m. so we can get to San Diego and hopefully have the afternoon to play/explore/rest.

I think I can speak for the team and say that we are so thankful for all we have seen, experienced and learned this week. It has been an amazing journey and there will undoubtedly be alot of reflecting going on over the days to come as we process and transition back into life at home. I pray that the slogan “You will never be the same” will be true for all of us as we go forward, and that we will be able to take what we have learned here and incorporate it into our lives as God leads.

Thank you for your support and prayers this week, and over the next couple days as we travel home.

Adios and see you soon!
p.s. I will try to post one more time when we get to San Diego tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks God…

…for the daycare here that picks up the preschoolers in the community that would otherwise be left to care for themselves while parents go to work.
…for all the people who contribute here so that these children can grow up loved and cared for.
…for each member of the mission team – for the gifts that you have given us – that we can use those gifts for your glory.
…that FFHM doesn’t just care for and minister to the orphanage but also to the community.
…for health and safety on our trip.
…for the work you are doing in our hearts as a result of being a part of this ministry.
…for the macadamia nut and many different kinds of fruit trees that are so prolific and help provide.
…for the miraculous river under the ground of this property that provides water that is safe to drink and that is good for watering in the orchards.
…for these children who are all precious in your sight, and for the special plan you have for each one.
…that this ministry also reaches men and fathers who are lost, through the rehab centre – so that they can be healthy men and Daddy’s again.
…for able bodies so that we can come here and work.
…for those who are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers this week.
…that we can come to Mexico and you are here – that we can worship and serve you together in spite of the fact that we don’t speak the same language.

Day 4

Another busy day…I’m pretty sure that will be the same every day…this place reminds me of a bee hive with a constant buzz of activity! It is also such a tangible demonstration of how all the parts of the body are important. People come from many different places to work here, and everybody has a job in the morning and afternoon, whether big or small, hard or cushie (like us yesterday!) and it’s everybody pitching in and serving that keeps things going here…very neat to be a part of.

The work activities for our group today included working in the Nut House separating nuts, kitchen duty meal prep, moving furniture, electrical work, landscaping and yard work.

This afternoon, Jenna and I did childhood evangelism. We drove to a nearby community with a teacher from the orphanage. After the children had a time of Bible teaching, we handed out juice and scoops of peanut butter, and then had some time to play. One girl in particular, who was mentally handicapped, latched onto Jenna and I. We spent most of our time with her, and she beamed! Dios te ama means God loves you. I said these words to her many times and drew a big heart on the ground in the sand with the words inside. I don’t know how much she comprehended, but she sure was happy, and we were blessed!

Our evening was spent at a very poor village doing adult evangelism. We walked around inviting people to come to a film. When it was dark enough, we showed the evangelism film and then the people were invited to accept Jesus as their personal saviour. A very neat experience and a very eye opening day!

Adios for now,

Day 3

Today was a very full day! Half of the day was taken up with hearing about and touring the orphanage property. This is such an amazing place – the property, how well organized everything is, how well run everything is, the staff and volunteers who have such a heart for this ministry, the house parents and the children they care for making, up what every child needs – a family, but most of all how you can see and hear how God’s hand has been upon this good work right from it’s beginnings in 1946 and continues to be to this day. If you are interested in hearing more about the story of Foundation for His Ministry, Charla (the founder) has a book called Charla’s Children about how it all started. The church has copies in the library. The book is full of stories about how God provided in miraculous ways time and time again, to make this place happen and meet the needs of it’s ministry. I feel so blessed to be here and be a part of this ministry that is having such a huge impact on the lives of children here, on the community surrounding it, and those who volunteer and work here. There is a slogan here at the orphanage that you will see here and there around the property in various buildings…”You will never be the same”. I don’t doubt that at all!

The second half of the day was spent on various work projects – weeding, cleaning and organizing. Jenna, Chelsea and I had the cushie job of dusting the Gift Shop (you wouldn’t believe how dusty it is here!)

This evening we babysat the kids in the houses so the houseparents could go out and have a night off. It was our first real opportunity to get to know some of the kids. It was challenging to communicate with them, but we had planned ahead and had activities/crafts to do with the kids that helped to bring us together and have fun just hanging out. The kids do know a little English, so between that, our minimal Spanish and hand gestures, we did alright. I think everyone had a good time, and I’m glad we could bless the house parents who work so hard to love and care for these precious ones.

Tomorrow will be another full day, so buenes noches!

We’ve arrived…continued

Internet connection here is sketchy, so I write when I have time, and publish when I am able to get connection, incase you’re wondering why the activities I’m posting about are not lining up to our scheduled activities.

So, now that I have a few minutes, I can expand on our experience the last couple of days.

Like I said, our travels all went well, with the exception of the air conditioning in our 15 passenger rental van. We found a way to manage that problem by having the front seat passenger turn the fan OFF every time there was an incline, ON full blast every time there was a decline and we kept the side windows open a little all the time. The combination made it tolerable. Especially being here in Mexico, I couldn’t help but think how fortunate we are in our part of the world, and in our community, that for the most part this is the extent of our physical discomfort in relation to our basic needs.

After getting off the plane, having lunch, crossing the border and driving for about an hour, we spent some time in Ensenada in a touristy area where there are little shops and fun restaurants. We had dinner and went to the retreat centre where we were to spend the night. We were all exhausted and fell into bed around 9:00.

It was dark when we arrived at the retreat centre, so we had a beautiful surprise in the morning when we looked out the windows from our high vantage point out over the ocean! This is where we had breakfast, devotions and a time of prayer. Chelsea encouraged us to try not to have expectations or preconceived ideas about how God would use us this week, but to just be open. It makes me think of the verse “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Today, a little shopping, 3 hours of driving and then arriving at the orphanage! We settled in and then went to our first church service which was very long, lively and loud…not what we’re used to, but it was refreshing and encouraging! They had headsets so we could listen to a translated version of the message.

Now we’re hitting the sack so we can be up for 7:00 a.m. breakfast and our first full day at the orphanage.

Buenes noches!

We’ve arrived!

Quickly just wanted to let you all know that we have arrived, and happy to report that our travels we’re uneventful. Our biggest challenge has been our rental vehicles air conditioning which blows hot air every time we go up a hill, which is often here! And so, we have been blessed…thank you God and thank you all for your prayers!

Now We’re off to evening church services in Mexico! (pinch me!)


Here We Go!

We’re bright eyed with anticipation in spite of the early morning wake up! All the busyness of planning, organizing, laundry, packing and pulling together details is finished. Now we take a big sigh of relief and enjoy relaxing (and maybe sleeping a little!) as we travel and have a chance to sit, think and pray about our trip and what God has in store for us. I feel like I’m heading into the unknown – it’s so exciting, and a little disconcerting at the same time. But God Most High is with us and we look forward to seeing what he will do in us, and through us as we are moved out of our comfort zone.


Here we go!


p.s. If you’re interested in learning more about Foundation for His Ministry – the orphanage where we’ll be spending the week, here is their website We’ll be at the Baja California, Mexico location.


2 Sleeps! (well, actually 1 1/2 :o)

Tonight will be a full nights sleep but tomorrow night will just be half, as we wake from our slumber before 3:00 a.m. to get to the airport by 4:30 and hop on our flight at 6:30 a.m.   And we are so excited that what we have planned and looked forward to for months is finally almost here!

The mission team met for the last time before our trip on Tuesday night for a picnic supper with the team and their family members.  We talked about final details, had a chance to ask last minute questions, got the necessary contact info, itineraries, etc. and had a time of prayer together.

We are disappointed that Wes will not be joining us on the trip, due to some health concerns that would make it unwise for him to leave the country and the medical care that he can receive here.  We ask for your prayer for Wes, and also for your continued prayer for Emily who continues to recover from her concussion.  We will miss Wes and Emily on our trip, but we have faith in our big, awesome God, His love and care over them and His plans which are perfect.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support so far and we ask for your continued prayer and support as we anticipate and live out the next and most exciting leg of this mission trip journey!

Adios for now,


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