Sunday Worship: 10:30AM  Children's Ministry (Age 2 - Grade 6): 10:30AM  Regular Office Hours: 9:00-5:00 (Monday to Friday) 

Sunday morning

What a typical Sunday morning looks like:

  As you walk through our front doors our aim is that you’re greeted by friendly people who will help you find your way around.  Our children’s program is just down the stairs and children can be signed in as early as 10:15am.  When you walk downstairs you’ll be greeted by a host at the sign in desk who will give you a registration form to fill in if you’re new.  All new families/children must be registered to be in our programs.  Our sign in process requires all children to sign in at the computer every Sunday.  For children under Grade 1, parents need to sign in and sign out and show their claim tag in order to pick up their child.  Once your children are registered, signed in and settled, parents can go upstairs to worship.

What we do: 

Nursery ( from birth to 23 months) is located on the main floor beside the stairs.  We provide pages for parents and there is a play room as well as a separate quiet room.

Toddler Room (Ages 2-3) is located downstairs to the left of the sign in desk.  Pagers are available for parents.  There is a ball pit and plenty of toys to play with.  We want children to learn that God loves them and we do that through play, singing, bible stories and activities.

Preschool Room (Ages 4 through Kindergarten) is located downstairs to the left of the sign in desk.  The children learn about The Big God Story through a variety of ways including bible verses, bible stories, songs, interactive play and activities.

Elementary (Grades 1-4) is located to the right of the sign in desk in the large Fellowship Hall.  We use a large group/small group format and have caring, supportive, screened leaders.  After children sign in they go directly to their small group.  Then they gather together for awesome kids worship and their lessons.  Grade 1-4 are using Tru and going through the Big God Story.

Grades 5-6 begin the morning upstairs for the first part of the service.  After the offering they head to their class upstairs.